The Choir has now started it’s 49th season and looking at the programme for the first session upto Christmas, it’s a very busy one.

We will of course be keeping our elderly and disabled fans entertained and amused with regular visits to their places of care, and as usual helping various charities raise monies for their excellent causes.

Over the next 15 months preparations will be taking place to arrange a programme of events for the 50th anniversary of “Marske Fishermen’s Choir”. As our first concert took place on December 15th 1968 in what was the York Hotel in Coatham Road, Redcar, for Coatham O.A.P.s  celebrations will therefore be in 2019, our offical 50th season, in which we will also be producing a new CD, part of which has been recorded, with the final recordings being done after we finish our offical season in April 2018.

If you would like to join this hearty band of jovial men, then please contact the Secretary or Musical Director.

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